DuraGreen Project | YellowKorner Art Gallery

YellowKorner Founded in 2006, YellowKorner markets art photographs in limited editions, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, through more than 150 galleries throughout the world. Bringing together the public and the artists, YellowKorner galleries present and commercialize the photography of over 200 artists.

Determined to bring the public closer to the artists, YellowKorner has created unique spaces for display. In conjunction with the renown architect and designer Gérard Barrau, Alexandre deMetz and Paul-Antoine Briat conceive and design their exhibition venues. Thus, the concept of entirely black & white galleries is born. These spaces magnify the works on display and welcome all art lovers with luxury and sobriety.

DuraGreen took part in the lighting project for this new Gallery in Wuhan, with our unique VIVID ART LED bringing colours alive. THEIART, a space devoted to beauty and art immersed with design, light and shadow. To provide proper lighting for the display, DuraGreen incorporated various luminaires from its Architectural range in the gallery, like the MOOD Track spotlights with a minimalist design, a versatile solution that meets the lighting needs of the project, which blends in seamlessly in the space and offers uniform lighting and a high level of visual comfort.

Every object tells a story. The miniaturization of the light fixtures has led to new minimalist and has given new freedom to designers. Positive emotions such as optimism, freshness and creativity were the aspects we sought to communicate.

Lighting design provides a deep study of surfaces, materials, furniture, artwork which seamlessly crafting the light into space in order to create magic through contrast. Miniaturization of luminaires perfectly combines technological innovation, functionality and formal cleanliness which visually fuse into the space.