DuraGreen Project l Three Michelin Stars DA VITTORIO

A name: Vittorio. And a family, a name that is a mark of excellence in the world of catering and hospitality. Devotion acknowledged by the guidebooks - Three Michelin Stars – and the loyalty of an ever-increasing clientele. An unmistakable culinary style whose dynamism and vitality have been with us for over 50 years, thanks to the insight of its founder and father - Vittorio – and the enhancements introduced by his children, who have integrated tradition with the latest techniques in recent years. A harmonious combination that gets the best out of the finest raw materials, sourced wherever they grow best. Today, ‘Da Vittorio’ is run by Signora Bruna Cerea and her five children. Enrico and Roberto are both chefs, Francesco manages the wine cellar and catering services, Rossella is head of hospitality at the Restaurant and Dimora, while Barbara runs Cavour 1880, the café-patisserie in Bergamo Alta.

The birth of NEW WAVE by DA VITTORIO merges the museum and fine dining experience, where authentic, quality Italian cuisine is offered in the same arena that houses world-class artworks and exhibitions. A multi-sensory journey combining gastronomy, artistic design and spatial aesthetics is thereby created – a perfect display of contemporary urban living.

The menu of NEW WAVE by DA VITTORIO is designed and managed by Francesco Bonvini, former Chef de Cuisine at DA VITTORIO SHANGHAI, under the supervision of the executive chefs of DA VITTORIO Italy, Chicco and Bobo Cerea.

NEW WAVE continues the Cerea family's long-standing pursuit of “homemade flavours". Authentic Italian cuisine that impresses the taste buds delivered under a stylish yet relaxing ambience with friendly but professional service - NEW WAVE pioneers a new generation of casual fine dining in Shanghai.

In collaboration with UCCA Edge, NEW WAVE tailors its menu and cocktail list according to UCCA exhibitions, launching exhibition specials that combine specific artwork or themes of the current exhibition to extend the aesthetic enjoyment from the eyes to the taste buds.

NEW WAVE has also curated a specialist wine list of nearly 300 Italian and global wines from prestigious estates as well as niche wine regions. A wine encyclopaedia is also put together for diners to browse through in between their meal and wine tasting.

New Wave by DA VITTORIO Café is located in the museum’s bookstore Juan Zong Books, offering high quality coffee and light meal options for art and design lovers.