DuraGreen Project l The Chedi

The word ‘Chedi’ typically refers to a place of meditation and has been associated with settings where one finds peace. In the same way, Chedi hotels are created as tranquil environments so that travellers, on their journeys, may rediscover the joys of stillness and be soothed by the calmness in a backdrop of beauty and comfort.

As the visionary management company behind the Chedi brand, GHM is also continually evolving the brand – continuously plant the Chedi flag on an exciting destination that travel aficionados should definitely include on their bucket list.

ELEGANT SOPHISTICATION. Breathtaking views elegantly finish the sophisticated and thoughtful offerings of this game-changing luxury hotel. DuraGreen near perfect colourrendering downlights first greet guests in the reception area, following through to the restaurant, bar, gym and other public areas.DuraGreen tailor made 3 spot 60*180mm square downlights for this amazing resort hotel.