DuraGreen Project | Sun Signature Show

Vietnam welcomes the most amazing permanent water and multimedia show ever seen in Asia. Uniquely staged in Sunset Town, an idyllic resort, it will warm hearts and stun audiences. Group GSA delivered visionary design for this Signature Show with outstanding experiences.

Bringing lighting affection into the contemporary interior design.

DuraGreen’s wide range of architectural spotlights and linear lights are seamlessly intergraded in the main entrances, main lobby, ticket booth, restaurants, bars, recreation areas. Light, color and space melt together. There was no dimension, no distance.

Vietnam’s Sun Group has entrusted the spectacular show producer ECA2 to create something truly special on the shores of Phu Quoc. “Kiss the Stars” is the world-class multimedia show that visitors simply cannot ignore. More than a technically gob-smacking feat, operating in seawater and on a monumental scale, it’s a show with a warm human heart created around an irresistible love story that spans the galaxy.