DuraGreen Project l Minotti Wuhan

For Minotti, opening an international showroom, especially a flagship store, is like opening a portion of its own home somewhere else. It is not simply a question of endlessly replicating the same design, but of breaking down the borders: all that happens, everything that is created, seen and felt in the headquarters in Meda is transferred to the world, adapting and interpreting it, while maintaining its coherence with the brand’s signature style.

The soft, wavy shape of the building, resembling the bow of a ship headed towards new horizons, inspired the unstoppable progress of the works. The flagship store spans large spaces on two different levels for a total of 890 sqm, both directly accessible from the exterior. Inside, it hosts display spaces, and reception and service areas. The transparent front of the mall, characterised by vertical columns that punctuate the glass surfaces, allow the visitor a glimpse of the latest Minotti collections on display before they even venture into the building: a half see-through effect, created by the glass and grey linen curtains, which invite the visitor to step inside and visit the showroom to discover the proposals by Minotti.

Because the home of Minotti in Wuhan is primarily an experiential place with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where visitors can learn how it feels, tastes and even smells to enter a home defined by Made in Italy quality and style, not just in Italy but also everywhere else in the world.