DuraGreen Project l Bentley Home

The Bentley Home collection has been interpreting the luxurious personality of the automobile brand since 2013. The silhouettes, precious materials and iconic shapes of Bentley Motors have been translated into a new language intended for the home. Sporting a passion for technology, goods can be customised in the finishes that have made the British brand unique, from the most exquisite leathers to Calacatta and Valentine Grey marbles,right through to the woods that echo the automotive codes.

Bentley Home is a beautiful property in Taizhou. The recent extensive refurbishment saw DuraGreen Lighting working alongside interior designer to create a harmonious lighting scheme throughout the showroom. Our MOOD /ACME Adjustable downlight is used to create an inviting atmosphere, complementing the Bentley home’s plush décor and bringing out the colours to stunning effect. Here our full spectrum lighting really comes into its own, rendering the colours in the fabrics and artworks to their truest form.