Our Company Profile

Britain is rich in heritage and history with our famous buildings, monuments, castles, stately homes and churches/cathedrals. Not only can we take pride in our rich heritage, but also we need to ensure that the rich heritage of traditions can be preserved for future generations through adopting the traditional British heritage of quality and skilled workmanship.

Lighting products and solutions is our life, our passion and our enjoyment. Lighting is what we do best. DuraGreen was founded in 2013 by Peter who is passionate about the designing of lighting fixtures with visual richness for boutique interiors. Peter understood that correct lighting was vital to improve the surface expanse and decorative detailing of architecture. He was attentive to the finest details that was needed to design contemporary lighting. He is constantly liaising with other architects, lighting designers, interior designers and end-clients to determine the best lighting solutions that are needed to blend with the various types of premium interior designs that exist in Britain.

Our company name, DuraGreen is a combination of ‘Dura’ and ‘Green’. ‘Dura’ represents the durability and longevity of our lighting products and solutions. ‘Green’ means that all of our products that we bring to you are environmentally friendly and between us, we are together helping to preserve the world that we live in. Designing the lighting products requires us to be on the leading edge of the technological curve while keeping a foot in the past. Reflecting over two decades of experience exploring materials and processes, DuraGreen’s products continues to attract an increasingly global following. We nurture a fast-growing international portfolio that ranges from hospitality and retail to co–working spaces and monumental complexes. DuraGreen is your trusted choice of lighting partner that you can depend upon for the safe and quality contemporary lights with precise optics, fashion colours and elegant materials.