Circular Product

Sustainable Future

Illuminating with purpose, we strive to bring light precisely where it is needed. By minimizing the presence of extraneous lighting fixtures, we champion resource conservation and a more sustainable path. This commitment translates into reduced power consumption, lower maintenance requirements, and decreased energy costs.

In our quest for a greener future, every product we offer proudly embodies an environmentally friendly ethos. Together, we are playing our part in safeguarding the precious world we call home. But our endeavors do not stop there. We are diligently working towards supplying luminaries, informed by the Cradle to Cradle® principles, paving the way for a circular economy. With this innovative approach, we are forging a path towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Circular Product Solution

The solderless LED holder offers a convenient and streamlined approach to constructing natural white single-color or tunable white LED assemblies. By securely fastening the module to its heat sink using 2 screws and push-fit electrical connections, manual soldering of LEDs is no longer necessary. This not only protects the LED from excessive heat but also maintains a clean surface free from solder flux residue.

One notable advantage of using this holder is that it transforms light fixtures into true circular products, supporting our long-term commitment to sustainability by providing a direct and uncomplicated method for repair and reuse.

Additionally, we have incorporated holders for light lenses that adhere to Zhaga standards, an international organization in the lighting industry, which is focused on standardizing interfaces of LED lighting fixtures, including LED light engines, modules, arrays, and holders. Thanks to this, we can offer more material options for enhanced serviceability through repair and reuse.

DuraGreen's circular products benefit from:

- A 5-year warranty
- Lifetime availability of upgrading, repair and reuse services.
- An end-of-life service that involves the return of fittings to DuraGreen, allowing them to be reintroduced into standard stock.